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When most people hear ‘bridal makeup’ they tend to envision a blushing bride with natural tones and an overall soft romantic look. However, there are no rules when it comes to bridal makeup and bold red lips done correctly will look modern, beautiful and timeless. It's the colour of love and the mark of a woman who isn't afraid to make a statement., it may not be for everyone but if you’ve been dreaming about wearing the perfect red lipstick on your wedding day then follow these simple guidelines to make sure it looks perfect.

Red Bridal Lipstick

Make Sure It Works for Your Skin Tone

Making sure you choose a lipstick that compliments your complexion is key, a rough guide to follow when finding your perfect red is:

·       Blue undertones will suit a light-cool skin beautifully

·       Orange undertones are great on warmer skin tones

·       Deeper berry and brown undertones are fantastic on deeper complexions

Make Sure It Stays Put

Leading up to the big day invest in a good lip scrub and lip balm so that you can ensure your lips are flake free and smooth, this will help to give the lipstick a good base. To avoid fading and bleeding, line and fill in your entire lips with a matching lip liner before applying two thin layers of your chosen lipstick with a lip brush.

Keep It on Your Lips

I recommend my brides to opt for a matte finish on their wedding day as it holds longer and is less unlikely to transfer onto your partner! Make the look modern by opting for a fresh illuminated complexion offset with a defined brow.


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