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Personally, I’m very happy when I'm on the other side of the camera, creating makeup for photoshoots and brides, but we all have occasions where we are doing our own makeup for a night out or a big event and you can guarantee there will be that one friend there who becomes the photographer!

One of the main parts of my job is to create makeup that’s looks good in photos as well as in real life. So, whatever the occasion may be, let’s make sure you can create your own perfect makeup with my top makeup tips for how to look in good in photos.



The key to any makeup sitting well and looking good is making sure your skin is hydrated and prepped first. Cleanse and moisturise your skin thoroughly before applying your makeup to give yourself a base that is free from any dry patches, which can be hard to hide when applying makeup.

Mix in a highlighter into your normal foundation to add a sheer luminous glow (I love Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Filter). After your base is in place it's time to add concealer( Cosmetics a la Carte Secret Light is a light weight brightening concealer which I use myself) in areas that need extra coverage and finish with a light dusting of sheer translucent powder on areas you don’t want shine – often the T-zone.


Naturally contouring and highlighting the face will always look good in photo’s and give your face extra definition and illumination. Stick to a natural matte bronzer to create the contour under your cheek bones (NARS Luguna has been a firm favourite of mine for many years) and along the jaw and hair line, and apply a sweep of iridescent highlighter to the top of your cheekbones and the browbones to catch the light.


Whatever eye makeup look you’re going for, the main thing to remember is that definition is key! Define your brows (NYX do some amazing brow products), apply eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply mascara. Even if this is all you do, it will look great and give you a defined groomed finish.


A great tip is applying a lip liner all over the lips as a base, use a colour to match your chosen lipstick or gloss and your colour will remain in place much longer. Fancy a statement lip? (Try Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolor smell amazing and stay put).

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