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Enjoy a stress-free wedding morning with my 5 top tips to ensure you have a relaxed, fun and well-prepared wedding morning.


Have a relaxing shower or bath and moisturise your skin so that it has time to absorb in and make it look hydrated and smooth. I always like my brides to have clean dry hair with no hair products for me to style, feel free to wash on the morning but please stay away from any heavy conditioners.

Make sure whatever you are going to wear is practical for later and easy to remove without messing up your beautiful bridal hair. Loose clothing that will not leave marks is great, and if you are wearing a strapless dress then you need to make sure whatever you choose does not leave any strap marks.


I will always send you over a detailed time schedule for hair and makeup in advance, it’s great for you to give copies to your bridal party so everyone knows where they should be and when. I will always allow time for time at the end so you can all to get into your dresses, have a glass of champagne and pose for any photographs.


It’s important to have enough space so that you and your bridal party can get ready, if it’s too small it tends to feel very cramped and can become very hot.  Good light is essential  when we are doing your makeup so a room with as much natural light as possible is perfect.

4 - EAT

With all the excitement of the day it can be easy to forget to eat or to even feel hungry if you’re feeling nervous, but it can be a long time before the wedding meal so try and make sure you and the bridal party have some food to eat in the room.

5 – Try to relax and enjoy yourself

Sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding morning knowing that you’re going to look and feel your most beautiful.



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